Johnny - Man Zeer (Johnny Manziel) of the first preseason game brought us some excitement, but did not let the Browns starting quarterback uncertain how much competition. Anyone who wants to find a leader in the starting quarterback competition Cleveland Browns of the people have to wait a week.
Man Zeer and nominally number one quarterback Brian - Heuer (Brian Hoyer) on Saturday night at the Detroit Lions game guest conductor of the seven waves add up to the attack. But they failed to lead the team to a touchdown, Lions finally to 13-12 win.
Most of the reasons for the lack of flash performance can not be attributed to the quarterback. Foul ball sell and running back Dion - Lewis (Dion Lewis) of a second off the ball have destroyed the rhythm of the offensive group. Heuer's passing accuracy is not stable, but he completed several impressive passes. Man Zeer are more complete with his red ball attack.
Maybe next week's preseason this competition allows us to know the true leader. NFL official website reporter Dan - Hurley (Dan Hellie) broke the news before the game against the Washington Redskins, said 曼泽尔 the game starting at local time on August 18 squad who according to the message. Browns coach Mike - Pei Ting (Mike Pettine) said after the game "has not yet made ​​a decision."
At the same time, the game will be placed under the microscope. Man Zeer show strong arm strength and good accuracy, but he did not be required to use a long pass. His passing target selection sometimes can not convincing, did not pass the ball several times in the space of catcher. He has some red ball - including several reading options (read option) attack - have avoided physical contact. In addition, 曼泽尔 also demonstrated the ability to create their own attack, two red balls made ​​the first attack, including a sub-16 yards rushing to run.